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Mezzacorona (Dolomites & Sicile)

mezzacoronaMezzacorona is a wine cooperative of thousands of small landowners in the Dolomites. They have also purchased vineyards in the south of Sicily. The range of products varieties, we selected two Pinot Grigio of  the Dolomites (Italian version of Pinot Gris) and a blend of local red varieties which who amazed us during the tasting (the Cliffhanger Rosso). For Sicily, the Nero d’Avola is a gourmand red, the Grillo a solar white and full of freshness. All are to be discovered absolutely!

Feudo Arancia Grillo (white wine of Sicile)

Feudo Arancia Nero d’Avola (Red wine of Sicile)

Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio (White wine of Dolomites)

Cliffhanger Rosso (Red white of Dolomites)

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