Our Wines

Warning : We are in the process of translating every wine estate page in English, they will then appear gradually in the future… In the meantime, feel free to browse our wines in the french section!

Wine is a lively product that reflects the origins of its terroir, the personality and practices of its winemaker.

Wine consumption is an art of living. The wine offer is wide and complex. Our role is to narrow this and advise our clients towards a selection of wine classics or originalities, depending on their moods !

Our years of experience allowed us to define our style as far as wine & Champagne is concerned. We definitetly look after the following :

  • Balance :  harmonious integration of all its characteristics (aromas, minérality, alcool, terroir,etc…),
  • Drinkability : Basically it’s when a wine is easy to drink. It’s partly subjective but also based on some key characteristics (including balance),
  • Energy : This one is fairly subjective and linked to the viniculture and vinification processes selected by the winemaker… you’re right, we believe respect of the vines and its environment is key to product a great wine… but  many other boxes must be ticked!


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